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As we enter 2021 and North Carolina begins to reopen, it doesn't mean that the COVID-19 pandemic has disappeared or stopped its spread. As an office manager or business owner, now is the time to be proactive in hiring a Professional cleaning service to keep your clients and employees safe, and lower the risk of spreading viruses on your commercial property.

Electrostatic Disinfection Service

Disinfecting your office or facility of viruses and bacteria for safer, healthier living.

Stay protected with high quality electrostatic disinfection and ULV fogging as our state reopens.

North Carolina is slowing reopening for business. Now is the time to protect your office, employees, and clients with a full-service electrostatic disinfection cleaning.

Our top-quality cleaning teams disinfect to help prevent the spread 

of viruses and bacteria, protecting the health of everyone.

Our Safe Botanical ULV and Electrostatic Disinfection System follows EPA and CDC guidelines, working to eliminate most all contagious viruses including coronavirus.

How does our electrostatic disinfection work?

Electrostatic disinfection utilizes a special cleaning spray that’s electrically charged. 

Each droplet of this spray latches onto your surfaces with an even coat. 

Then, the sanitizing agent within the droplets work to kill 99.9% of all bacterial and viral particles.

This method of cleaning is perfect for offices, daycare centers, and facilities that see a lot of foot traffic. The spray is incredibly effective at getting into even the tiniest of crevices, so you get a true disinfecting clean. There’s no cleanup necessary as the formula dries quickly and leaves no residue. However, we do take it one step further and use a HEPA filtration vacuum system and steam cleaner as a final cleanup.

Better Coverage

With electrostatic disinfection, oddly shaped objects and tiny gaps can easily be disinfected.

 Healthier Workplace

This method of disinfecting an area is proven to help control the spread of viruses and bacteria.

 Cost-Effective Disinfection

Reduce callouts, sick days, and health-related financial burdens with ULV and Electrostatic disinfection.

Germs, bacteria, and viruses are no match for our electrostatic disinfection.

This cost-effective method of disinfecting an area is the best solution 

for facilities that see a lot of traffic.


We successfully disinfect:

  • Churches
  • Daycares
  • Business Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Rental Properties
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Stores

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Elite Shine, Inc. offers professional disinfection and commercial cleaning service, using a powerful Botanical disinfectant, that is eco friendly. 

Serving Elkin, NC & surrounding areas.


Our Technicians ensure a thorough disinfection of your Office Spaces, Retail Stores, Rental Properties, Restaurants, Church Buildings, Schools, Hotels, Daycares, or Warehouses.

We will protect your Family, Employees, Clients, and Visitors. There is no place we can`t reach with our thorough disinfection process killing 99.9% of ALL Viruses & Bacteria. We take care of all the details with our system that is approved by meeting the Environmental Protection Agency and CDC guidelines for use against Norovirus, MRSA, and many more contagious viruses. 

Now including even the Coronavirus, covid19. We ensure the safety of you and those around you with our 

Safe Botanical Disinfection System.

  Our disinfection method is performed after closing hours, dries quickly after application without the need for additional cleanup, we do take it a step further using our HEPA filtration Vacuum system and steam cleaners to do a final cleanup to remove anything that may be lingering behind.

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Virus Disinfection Pricing


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11K - 25 SQFT                   

26K-50 SQFT                     

51K SQFT+                         


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