Elite Shine, Inc.

" One Call Cleans It All "

 Quality commercial office cleaning service 

Now servicing all of Clemmons, Lewisville, Yadkinville, Elkin, 

Dobson, Wilkesboro, & Mt Airy.

We take pride in providing quality cleaning services 

and guarantee your satisfaction!

How Much Does Your Commercial Cleaning 

and Disinfection Service Cost?


  When you receive a quote on commercial cleaning services, 

you should have a full understanding of the price and there should be 100% transparency by the company.  We calculate how much your monthly cleaning service will cost based on the cleanable square footage, the Layout, Frequency, and the Scope of work desired for your facility. We create customized cleaning plans for each client. 

Get high quality cleaning service for your business today!

Our services range from simple floor cleaning and nightly trash removal 

to complete deep cleaning and disinfection services on 

Nightly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly basis. 


A pristine and professional business environment is critical to success. 

Elite Shine, Inc. can help your business maintain a clean image and safe environment.

With our systematic cleaning processes, we can significantly reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, keeping your employees healthier, happier, and more productive. The products we use are eco-friendly, and therefore, we eliminate any concerns for harmful VOC chemicals or fumes that can adversely affect employee efficiency.

New towels and dusters are used for every job to avoid the transfer of any germs or dust mites, in addition to professional Pro Team and  Sanitaire vacuums with HEPA-filtration systems that lock in all allergens.

Your company will benefit from our extensive research and expertise in keeping work environments clean and safe for your clients, employees, and family. We are here to clean your business office locations in Yadkinville, Wilkesboro, Clemmons, Mount Airy, Dobson, Elkin, NC. and surrounding areas.

Quality Work

We take pride in delivering quality work here at Elite Shine, Inc. 

We continuously monitor the servicing of our clients’ premises with 

unscheduled inspections and by requiring weekly and monthly checklist 

with mini reports and journals by our cleaning teams.

Quality Workers

All of our cleaners at Elite Shine, Inc are bonded, insured, nationally background verified, 

and, most importantly, professionally trained to respect your needs and privacy. 

Our staff provides excellent quality and dependability so your office is always cleaned efficiently, effectively, and on time.

We Listen to You

We communicate quickly and are available around the clock to respond to your requests. 

If you have a problem or suggestion, 

we will get back to you immediately with a solution.

During our initial consultation, we will identify your distinct cleaning needs

 to establish a program that delivers consistency – while still fitting within your budget.

Office Disinfecting 

Disinfecting your business is crucial to avoid reaching a close down point again. 

By disinfecting your business, you can sleep easy at night, knowing you can ensure 

your clients, employees, and family will be safe and healthy, at least in your office!!

Thank you for visiting Elite Shine, Inc. of North Carolina
We provide Top Quality Office Cleaning,
Church Cleaning and Disinfecting,
Turnkey Apartment Cleaning Service,
Move-in/Move-out House Cleaning
Nightly Janitorial Services
and Car Detailing in Elkin, NC.

Recurring Pricing Based on Square Footage
Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly

House, Church, or Business Office Cleaning.

500 to 1,400 per Square foot 

$85 | $125 | $225

1,401 to 2,500 per Square foot 

$115 | $150 | $250

2,501 to 3,200 per Square foot 

$135 | $175 | $285

3,201 to 4,000 per Square foot 

$150 | $195 |$325

4,001 to 4,800 per Square foot 

$195 | $250 | $395